Our mission

Our mission is to transform the vehicle battery and energy storage markets with products that significantly reduce CO2 emissions. 

Our patented, breakthrough Duophasic technologies enable modular battery designs which reduce cost and weight, and double energy density, compared to traditional products. 

These technologies deliver lower cost batteries with significant, and sustainable, environmental and economic benefits.

Together with our customers and supply chain partners we will accelerate the drive to Net Zero

UBC exceeded Eurobat 2030 targets in 2021

43% reduction in weight

98% increase in energy density

Our objectives

The global climate change agenda requires urgent and sustained action to reduce carbon emissions and protect our planet. UBC technologies will play an important part in this challenge, delivering solutions for more sustainable transport and energy storage.

To optimise our opportunities we have adopted a Keiretsu structure to our business. We work with partners to accelerate research and development, and license our technologies to other manufacturers. Our goal is to enable broader adoption of our technologies to be achieved, more quickly.

We identify viable applications for our patented technologies and work with relevant partners to bring these into commercial reality. But we don’t stand still. The team in our dedicated Innovation Hub continues to work on further ground breaking technologies for sustainable battery power and energy storage.

First phase development highlights include:

  • UBC Duophasic COR modular vehicle SLI batteries are in production and have already been tested to exceed the EUROBAT targets for 2030. UBC is the first battery manufacturer to achieve this standard.
  • A development programme is underway for safe, light weight aerospace batteries.
  • Production-ready prototype batteries for safer defence applications are in development.
  • Patents filed for a new form of EV motive battery, which will enable charging of EVs within minutes, using existing fuel station infrastructures.

Our model

Following successful prototyping and proof of concept trials, we have now commenced initial manufacturing of our first generation modular batteries, Duophasic COR. UBC is investing an initial £28 million in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, creating 500 jobs.

To enable the fastest possible globalisation of the benefits of our technologies, we have adopted a four-pronged approach to our business model:

  • Manufacturing products in our state-of-the-art production facilities
  • Licensing our patented technologies to other manufacturing partners
  • Working with partners to enable broader energy access in emerging economies, via our dedicated social responsibility division, UBC BrightSpark
  • Continuing to actively develop new and improved technologies in our dedicated Innovation Hub

Together, we will power a brighter future

Our culture

UBC is a dynamic, technology-led organisation with a vision to revolutionise battery power, reduce vehicle emissions and store wasted generated energy. Our team is led by experienced entrepreneurs and proven innovators.

We have ambitious goals and have adopted a partnership approach to help get us there quicker. We set high standards and work hard, but we also recognise the need to strike the right balance between work and personal life.

We aim to be professional but approachable. We are a pragmatic organisation that gets things done but retains a sense of fun. We will always be friendly, caring and fair to all

Our ethos

Ultimate Battery Company will be recognised not just for our innovative technologies, and the benefits they bring for a more sustainable planet, but also for the way in which we do business.

We will be seen as a company that can be trusted to deliver on its promises and always be fair – to our people, our customers and our supply partners.

At UBC we also believe in being socially responsible. We have adopted a range of initiatives to support people back into work and create opportunities and life chances for all. We are creating a diverse workplace.

We have pledged to provide energy storage initiatives in emerging economies, via our dedicated social responsibility division, UBC BrightSpark. This supports our goal of Energy for Everybody.

Our company history


Company founded

Founded by Maurizio Cunningham-Brown to develop green, safe energy-dense batteries for transportation, energy storage and many other applications

Senior team formed

Senior team of leading industry individuals assembled to drive development and commercialisation

Gen1 technology developed

Product development commenced of the UBC modular SLI battery for vehicle starting, lighting and ignition


Business model implementation

Implementation of business model and key strategic initiatives commenced

Gen1 technology optimisation

Ongoing product development and testing of UBC first generation battery technologies


Strategic partnerships commence

Key strategic partners and suppliers identified


AMRC partnership

Strategic partnership created with the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to develop mass production techniques

Patent filings

Patent development and filings for key technologies

Orders received

Initial customer contracts received for early production runs and subsequent scale-up

History Of Parliament Trust

UBC chosen as one of only 200 UK companies to be featured in the official History of Parliament Trust commemorative album to celebrate 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation


Global Investment Summit

Attended Global Investment Summit and subsequent reception hosted by Her Majesty The Queen at Windsor Castle – UBC one of the only seven companies selected for this honour

SYMCA funding

Additional funding secured from South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority

Global patent filing

New and incremental global patents filed to augment technology leadership

Gen1 design finalised

Modular, scalable manufacturing design locked down for our advanced modular battery technology to ensure easy, rapid deployment and order fulfilment


First patents published

First of many UBC patents published, based on the revolutionary technologies

Gen2 technology patents filed

Patent filings for the next generation of electric vehicle motive batteries, enabling rapid charging using existing fuel station infrastructure

Manufacturing plant opens

Green manufacturing facility established and recruitment of the production team commences

UBC BrightSpark established

UBC BrightSpark, our social responsibility division, established to support emerging economies and our goal of Energy for Everybody


Scaling worldwide

Full scale manufacturing of UBC Duophasic COR modular SLI batteries commences and we begin to further extend our global reach

Our partners

We work with partners at every stage of our business. From research and development in association with leading universities, to licensing our technologies for rapid acceleration and deployment.

We work collaboratively with carefully chosen supply partners.

We are proud of the partnerships we have formed and look forward to creating many new ones.

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