Sustainable solutions to accelerate Net Zero

In pursuit of a sustainable planet, governments have joined together to commit to global climate change action. Ambitious carbon reduction targets have been set and initiatives to achieve them identified and backed.

Transport contributes up to a quarter of global CO2 emissions, with passenger cars responsible for over 40% of that total. In just 20 years, from 2000 to 2020, global passenger car CO2 emissions rose by 50%, reaching a new peak of 3.2Gt annually.1

Set against this background of escalating vehicle carbon emissions, the market for electric cars has grown but annual global sales still remain around 10% of all car sales.2 Significant barriers to mass EV adoption remain, notably vehicle purchase cost, journey range and charging times and logistics.

It is against this background that Ultimate Battery Co set out to develop technologies that will revolutionise vehicle battery power and accelerate the drive to Net Zero.

CO2 savings from Duophasic batteries

Replacing traditional lead-acid SLI batteries with UBC Duophasic COR modular batteries provides the automotive industry with the potential to achieve carbon emission reductions on a ground-breaking scale:

per vehicle

CO2 savings per year


35 million vehicles

(assumes all had a UBC battery)

CO2 savings per year

removed from

UK roads


1 billion vehicles

(assumes all had a UBC battery)

CO2 savings per year

removed from the

planet’s roads

Sustainable products

We care about our planet and the people that live on it. Now, and for our future generations.

Our mission is to develop products using sustainable battery technology which significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Lightweight, energy-dense batteries that reduce on-board vehicle weight
  • Revolutionary EV power solutions that increase range, decrease charging times, and remain compatible with existing EV charging infrastructure
  • Modular energy storage applications that enable users to store generated power for later use

Sustainable battery production & manufacturing

Our products and manufacturing processes are designed for a sustainable economy:

  • Our products are recyclable at end of life, recovering at least 95% of materials to make more batteries
  • We utilise a high proportion of recycled materials in our manufacturing process
  • We focus on locally sourced materials, minimising transport miles
  • Our battery manufacturing process is highly energy efficient and utilises innovative techniques to ensure quality and minimise waste
  • We make use of renewable energy generation across our operations to minimise our carbon footprint

Together with our customers and supply chain partners, we will accelerate the drive to Net Zero.

Sources: 1 Statista GmbH 2 International Energy Agency