Energy for everybody

Energy is the major driver that facilitates improvements in living standards, education and health. It is the “glue” that binds together global technologies, businesses and communities. But not all of the world’s citizens have equal access to this empowering lifeforce.

As a deeply responsible and caring organisation, Ultimate Battery Company believes in creating life chances. UBC has set up a social responsibility division, UBC BrightSpark, with a goal to bring affordable, low maintenance, environmentally sustainable, energy storage initiatives to emerging economies.

UBC has pledged a proportion of production, initially 2% of our revolutionary, lightweight, green batteries to UBC BrightSpark initiatives. We are working to deliver sustainable and ethical energy programmes, carefully directed to those global communities that need it most.

UBC BrightSpark is targeting to deliver benefits to sectors including utilities, education, commerce, healthcare, agriculture and more.

Partner with UBC BrightSpark

The UBC BrightSpark vision brings together a range of like-minded partners to further extend our reach. We work together collaboratively to ensure that sustainable, green power is available to drive the needed improvements in living standards, education and health for those who most need it.

We are currently in the process of setting up a network of global business partners. This covers education, health, agriculture, water pumps, photo-voltaic power generation, internet provision, and more. Our partner network helps make the UBC BrightSpark vision a reality.

Together, we can change the lives of citizens in developing global economies for the better, helping them become self-sustaining and more prosperous.

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