Safe, light weight batteries for aerospace applications

UBC currently has a development programme underway, utilising our patented Duophasic battery technology within the aerospace battery industry.

The aerospace battery market needs safer, lighter batteries and requires adaptable solutions for different aircraft and operating environments.

Applying our revolutionary Duophasic technology to this industry will create aerospace batteries that are:

  • Lighter weight
  • Operate across a very wide temperature range
  • Safe in highly ionised environments
  • Damage resilient
  • Suitable for both civilian and military aircraft
  • Highly adaptable design, enabling unique shapes for use in restricted spaces
  • Modular and scalable to suit multiple operating requirements

We welcome commercial enquiries from aerospace manufacturers and suppliers to discuss the application of this technology in your projects.

Please contact us to receive further information on UBC Duophasic COR modular battery technology.