Advanced modular battery technology

Our first generation battery product, UBC Duophasic COR, is already in production. Duophasic COR utilises a unique, patented, modular battery design that offers a lighter, more powerful and more sustainable alternative to traditional SLI lead-acid batteries.

Globally, over 1 billion vehicles rely on 12 Volt lead-acid batteries to provide start-up and stop-start power for ICE and Hybrid powertrains, and to supply auxiliary power for most electric vehicles.

See how it works

For a quick overview of how the UBC patented Duophasic technology works, view the video below:

The challenge

Traditional lead-acid batteries are heavy and logistically inefficient.

Potential alternatives, such as lithium, remain expensive and are considerably less energy efficient to manufacture and recycle. Bipolar batteries have proven to be expensive and failure prone.

Vehicle manufacturers require a safe, lighter weight solution that reduces emissions without increasing cost. This is where our modular battery system comes in.

Our solution

UBC Duophasic COR uses our advanced modular battery technology, which incorporates highly conductive lead-carbon composite plates, housed in a non-conductive surround for perfect edge-to-edge sealing.

Compared with a traditional 12 Volt lead-acid battery, Duophasic COR batteries features include:

43% lighter weight

Twice the energy density

Wider safe operating temperature range

-40 to +88oC or -40 to +190oF

UBC Duophasic COR batteries offer automotive manufacturers:

  • 12-15kg (26-33lbs) reduction in on-board vehicle weight
  • Savings of up to 15kg (33lbs) of CO2 per vehicle per year
  • Batteries which have already exceeded the EUROBAT industry targets for 2030
  • Modular configuration to enable units requiring larger power outputs to be easily assembled
  • Adaptable design, enabling flexible form construction

We welcome commercial enquiries from vehicle manufacturers to discuss the application of this technology in your vehicles.

Please contact us to receive further information on UBC Duophasic COR modular SLI batteries