Sustainable modular energy storage

One of the dilemmas of the rapid growth in renewable energy sources is its non-synchronous generation. Unlike fossil fuel energy, where operators can burn more or less fuel to match demand, renewable energy generation increases or decreases with the weather. This often results in excess supply over immediate demand and generation is halted due to a lack of available energy storage.

As a result, countless renewable power generation applications fail to reach optimum performance.

UBC Duophasic technology changes this dynamic. UBC Duophasic STOR is a revolutionary technology solution to the need for affordable, compact, lightweight batteries for energy storage. They enable captured energy to be stored safely, and efficiently, at the point of generation, ready for later use. The modular design format allows bespoke solutions to suit every size and scale of energy storage application


Solar panels convert sunlight into energy used to heat or power the home. Due to limited storage options, this energy is generated for immediate use. Excess energy is either supplied back to the power grid, often at a non-economic return, or is wasted. By adopting Duophasic STOR it becomes possible to generate energy during daylight hours and safely store it for use at night. The smaller, lighter, less expensive, energy-dense storage units provide the perfect solution.

Larger scale renewable energy suffers even more markedly from the lack of viable storage. Whilst the amount of renewable energy generated is rising, the total amount generated remains far below the available capacity.

Duophasic STOR offers adaptable options for all energy storage applications and the unique, modular design enables bespoke solutions to be developed when required. Our storage units can be scaled and sized to suit your energy capacity.

We welcome commercial enquiries from industry partners to discuss the application of our technology in your projects.

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