UBC technologies set to revolutionise reductions in global carbon emissions across multiple industry sectors

Ultimate Battery Co was formed from a vision to transform the market for vehicle batteries by reducing weight, increasing energy and power densities, and lowering CO2 emissions. Our unique, patented technologies meet the challenges faced by a number of industries that are currently reliant on traditional products, that are less efficient and less sustainable.

Our first generation batteries utilise UBC patented Duophasic technology to offer an affordable, high energy alternative to the 12 Volt lead-acid SLI battery. These are currently used in over 1 billion vehicles globally. The UBC Duophasic COR battery is not only lighter and greener, it is also modular, providing the flexibility to configure bespoke solutions.

In addition to our own manufacturing operations, we offer a licensing model. This enables other manufacturing partners to access our patented technologies and helps accelerate their global adoption.


Our first generation, lightweight modular batteries, Duophasic COR, offer significant range, weight and CO2 benefits over traditional products.

Transport applications, include passenger and commercial vehicles, bus, rail and aerospace


UBC advanced modular batteries are lightweight, energy dense and safe.

Our technologies provide military vehicles with greater range, lighter weight and enhanced power.

They operate at a wide temperature range -40 to +88oC (-40 to +190oF).

Energy Storage

UBC provides affordable, compact, lightweight solutions that store energy safely and efficiently for later use.

The adaptable, modular design format enables bespoke solutions to suit every energy storage application