A viable alternative to lead-acid batteries

Globally, over 1 billion vehicles rely on 12 volt lead-acid batteries to provide start-up and stop-start power for ICE and Hybrid powertrains, and to supply auxiliary power for most EVs.

UBC Duophasic COR modular batteries offer a truly viable alternative – a lighter, more powerful and more sustainable battery, that is affordable when installed in new vehicles or as a drop-in replacement.

Lead-acid SLI batteries remain popular due to a number of factors:

  • 99% of lead is recycled
  • Processes for use are well established
  • Secure supply chains are trusted by vehicle manufacturers
  • Self balancing cell chemistry
  • Safer
  • Environmentally sound

Annual unit sales of 12 volt lead-acid batteries total 286 million, dwarfing lithium ancillary 12V batteries, which have just a 3% market share. Compared to lithium, lead is a far more sustainable choice:


lower cost to recycle


less manufacturing energy required


less CO2 used in manufacturing

The drawbacks

Despite their inherent market dominance, traditional lead-acid batteries have a number of drawbacks that automotive manufacturers have sought to overcome:

  • Lead-acid batteries are heavy, adding unnecessary weight to vehicles
  • Vehicle suppliers need to add more 12 volt battery capacity to meet the demands of increased levels of connected and autonomous services. But adding batteries adds weight, which reduces range or increases emissions
  • Lead-acid batteries are logistically inefficient compared to lighter alternatives
  • Other potential alternatives, including lithium, remain expensive and are considerably less energy efficient to manufacture
  • Original bipolar batteries have also proven to be expensive and are failure prone

The challenge

Vehicle manufacturers require a safe, lighter weight, advanced automotive battery type that not only reduces emissions at comes at a comparable performance and cost to current battery solutions.

Our solution

Ultimate Battery Co has developed patented Duophasic advanced automotive battery technology that solves the issues associated with traditional SLI and stop-start batteries.

Duophasic COR

lighter | powerful | sustainable

UBC Duophasic COR batteries utilise a patented composite lead-carbon construction and perfect edge-to-edge sealing. The result is a lightweight battery that is more sustainable and more affordable.

The unique modular format of UBC Duophasic COR technology enables batteries to be produced in multiple configurations and power outputs to suit any vehicle


Due to their unique modular design, UBC Duophasic COR batteries can be easily scaled in any of three ways:

  • Voltage
  • Capacity
  • Size

View the video to learn more.

Key benefits of UBC Duophasic COR batteries

43% lighter weight:

12-15kg (26-33lbs) on-board weight reduction

2x greater energy density:

Reduced emissions

Typically 15kg (33lbs) per vehicle per year

Wider operating temperature range:

-40 to +88oC (-40 to +190oF)

UBC Duophasic COR batteries are fully sealed, chip free, and require no maintenance.

UBC exceeds EUROBAT 2030 targets

UBC batteries already exceed the EUROBAT 2030 objectives, providing the automotive industry with significant environmental and performance benefits.

UBC exceeded Eurobat 2030 targets in 2021

43% reduction in weight

98% increase in energy density

Eurobat Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030 – Lead Acid Batteries

EUROBAT Parameters 2020 State of the Art 2030 Target UBC 2021
Electrochemical System Cathode PbO2 PbO2 PbO2
Anode Pb, Pb+C Pb, Pb+C Pb, Pb+C
Energy Density (Wh/Kg) Battery 23 – 45 35 – 55 52 – 68
Energy Density (Wh/l) Battery 36 – 100 50 – 110 112 – 139
Power Density (W/Kg) Battery 41 – 400 65 – 450 380 – 410
Power Density (W/l) Battery 76 – 840 72 – 900 820 – 920
Predicted Lifetime (Yr) Calendaric 10 – 25 10 – 25 10 – 25
Operation Temperature Range (oC) -25 – +50 -25 – +50 -40 – +88
Energy Efficiency (%) 67 – 85 >90 85 – 90

EUROBAT = Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers. The purpose of the association is to study all matters of interest to storage battery manufacturers and their sub-contractors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

We welcome commercial enquiries from vehicle manufacturers to discuss the application of this technology in your vehicles.

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