We are technology pioneers

Ultimate Battery Company has developed unique battery
and energy storage technologies which deliver a significant
breakthrough in lightweight, energy-dense battery power.

UBC patented Duophasic technology

Duophasic technology is the distillation of the Ultimate Battery Company ethos and philosophy. It is a custom developed and UBC patented technology, which uses cutting edge design allied to innovative materials engineering for both active materials and electrodes. This revolutionary technology has enabled the development of battery systems which offer major performance uplift. 

In comparison to traditional battery technologies, UBC Duophasic technology enables more efficient energy storage by doubling energy density for a given weight, or halving the weight while retaining the same energy capacity. Additionally, it enables mix and match configurations using a combination of all three elements, as well as the possibility of engineering bespoke battery architecture.

UBC Duophasic technology enables our customers, requiring battery powered solutions, to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, lower cost and enhance performance. All UBC batteries are easy to install, safe, affordable, and chip-free. They are suitable for initial installation or as drop-in replacements.

We manufacture standard and bespoke products in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We also offer a licensing model to enable other manufacturing partners to access our patented technologies and accelerate global adoption.

Our dedicated Innovation Hub continues to develop new and improved technology solutions for sustainable battery power and energy storage.

Duophasic COR

lighter | powerful | sustainable

Advanced Modular Battery Technology

UBC Duophasic COR offers manufacturers in sectors including automotive and aerospace, a lighter, more energy dense alternative to traditional SLI lead-acid batteries.

Duophasic COR batteries typically reduce on board vehicle weight by 12-15kg (26-33lbs), saving up to 15kg (33lbs) of CO2 per vehicle per year.

Duophasic COR batteries are modular, enabling bespoke configurations.


longer range | flexible faster charging

Revolutionary EV Battery Technology

UBC MotoFLO, powered by our patented Duophasic technology, is a revolutionary new power unit for electric vehicles which enables rapid charging and longer range through use of unique and patented EV battery technologies.

MotoFLO battery units will make use of existing fuel station and charging infrastructures.

Duophasic STOR

affordable | adaptable | sustainable

Sustainable Energy Storage Technology

UBC Duophasic STOR utilises the ground breaking UBC Duophasic technology to offer affordable, compact, lightweight, energy dense storage options.

Duophasic STOR enables energy that is currently lost to be captured and stored for later use. The modular design offers flexible adaptation for all energy storage applications.