Sustainable energy storage technology

Renewable power generation applications fail to reach optimum performance levels due to a lack of viable, affordable, energy storage solutions.

The current selection of energy storage battery types available on the market are not only expensive but can also increase energy costs.

UBC Duophasic STOR battery energy storage systems change all that.

The challenge

Renewable energy projects, both commercial and domestic, often suffer from an inability to capture and store energy that is not immediately required.

According to a recent report commissioned by Drax Group, intermittently turning off wind turbines due to insufficient energy storage capacity meant that enough energy to heat 800,000 homes was lost in the UK in both 2020 and 2021. This alone cost over £500 million.

Our solution

Our solution to this problem is UBC Duophasic STOR – a compact, lightweight, energy dense modular storage product, utilising the ground breaking UBC Duophasic advanced modular battery technology.


Solar panels, for example convert sunlight into energy used to heat or power the home. Due to limited storage options, this energy is generated for immediate use. Excess energy is either supplied back to the power grid, often at a non-economic return, or is wasted. By adopting the Duophasic STOR energy storage solution, it becomes possible to generate energy during daylight hours and safely store it for use at night. UBC battery based modular units provide a smaller, lighter, less expensive, energy-dense solution.

Larger scale renewable energy suffers even more markedly from the lack of viable energy storage. Whilst the amount of renewable energy generated is rising, the total amount generated remains far below the available capacity.

Duophasic STOR modules offer safe, affordable, adaptable options for all energy storage applications and the unique, modular design enables bespoke solutions to be developed when required. Our storage units can be scaled and sized to suit your energy capacity.

UBC Duophasic STOR modules offer safe, secure, lithium free, chip free, energy storage for every application.

We welcome commercial enquiries from industry partners to discuss the application of this technology in your projects.

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