Passenger transport

UBC Duophasic advanced modular battery technologies are suitable for use across a broad range of passenger transport vehicles, in pursuit of a more sustainable public transport solution.

Examples within the transport sector include:


These vehicles carry a large weight burden so range is a challenge. UBC Duophasic COR vehicle SLI batteries offer modular, light weight power, extending range for a given power density.

Equally, greater demand for on-board systems and services can be powered by doubling the energy output at no greater weight or space than a traditional SLI battery.


Ultimate Battery Company technologies can provide a battery powered solution for those areas that cannot be directly electrified. UBC Duophasic battery powered solutions bring the rail industry one step closer to sustainable rail transport.

No weighty BMS

The battery management systems required for lithium batteries adds weight and requires operator intervention. Duophasic COR lead-carbon batteries are chip free, and require no operation or maintenance.

We welcome commercial enquiries from passenger transport industry manufacturers and suppliers to discuss the application of this technology in your projects.

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