The UBC Innovation Hub

Ultimate Battery Co was created on a foundation of innovation, with a vision of transforming the batteries used in transport, defence and energy storage applications.

The company has now established a dedicated Innovation Hub, tasked with continuing to identify and develop a stream of new technologies. These will help further reduce vehicle carbon emissions and enable a greater proportion of renewable energy potential to be captured and stored.

Our executive team has a wealth of experience in creating and marketing new technologies and our research & development team is led by Chief Technology Officer, Dr Keith Ellis.

UBC works with leading universities and carefully chosen supply partners to research and scale-up its breakthrough technologies.

The UBC team partnered with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, part of the University of Sheffield, during early stage development. New battery technologies were explored and pilot prototype manufacturing established. This enabled crucial field trials for specific applications to be tested.

The team at AMRC were invaluable to our early development. They helped us to finetune our light weight battery technology, enabling us to access the market more quickly.
Dr Keith EllisChief Technology Officer

Now that UBC has settled on South Yorkshire for its UK manufacturing base, the AMRC partnership will be further strengthened. UBC will also be adding to its in-house research team to accelerate our innovation agenda.

With the first generation of UBC products now in full production, R&D focus moves onto further refinements of the modular battery technology and to developing other breakthrough innovations. These include:

  • Light weight, safe batteries for the aerospace industry
  • Batteries for defence applications, following field trials of production-ready prototypes
  • A new form of EV motive battery, which will enable charging of electric vehicles within minutes, using existing fuel station and charging infrastructures
  • Developing new materials to further reduce dependence on environmentally sensitive materials
  • Continuing to expand the recyclability of our products and materials
  • Scaling up our rapid prototyping service, which can create prototypes in weeks