Safe, flexible, sustainable battery power for military defence vehicles

Military vehicles operate in extreme terrains and climates. Operational reliability is mission critical. Multiple batteries are often required to power sophisticated on-board systems. The desire for more power is challenged by the additional weight and consequent impact on operating range.

Ultimate Battery Company has developed a solution to this challenge. Lightweight batteries that extend range with increased energy density, in a modular format. This enables multiple battery units to be used to increase power output specifications when required.

UBC Duophasic COR

UBC Duophasic COR advanced modular batteries utilise a revolutionary lead-carbon composite construction. Like-for-like weight is reduced by up to 43% compared to lead-acid batteries. And energy density is doubled. 

UBC Duophasic COR lightweight, energy-dense batteries provide a new dynamic to the demands of modern defence applications.

Duophasic COR batteries provide:

  • Longer range
  • Reliable start-up
  • Longer silent watch times
  • Modular format for flexible, configuration of size and shape
  • Up to 43% weight reduction
  • 40% size reduction
  • 2x the energy density
  • 3x cycle life
  • 50% faster charge
  • No BMS required

UBC batteries are safe and reliable in use and have a wider operational temperature range than traditional lead-acid solutions. Duophasic COR batteries can be used from -40 to +88 oC (-40 to +190 oF)

The challenge

Modern defence vehicles deploy increasingly sophisticated on-board electrical systems, which require more energy. The challenge is to provide the increased energy requirements without increasing weight, or impacting the need for enhanced agility.

Traditional lead-acid batteries are heavy, bulky, low-energy and fixed form. Lithium alternatives are expensive, add weight from battery management systems, and often pose a material supply risk.

Our solution

UBC has developed an alternative to the traditional lead-acid 6T battery, which is the main heavy-duty SLI battery for both the US military and NATO forces. The UBC drop-in replacement is a unique solution based on Duophasic COR modules and saves vital weight. It is typically 37% lighter, with enhanced energy density. The UBC solution also offers an unrivalled operating temperature range, and achieves a lower unit cost. 

Even when deployed in the toughest conditions, you can count on UBC Duophasic COR batteries to perform and help keep personnel safe.


UBC Duophasic batteries are considerably more energy efficient to manufacture than traditional lead-acid 6T batteries. 

Other significant environmental benefits include:

  • UBC batteries are recyclable at end of life. Typically, at least 95% of materials are recovered and reused to make more batteries.
  • We utilise a high proportion of recycled materials in our manufacturing process
  • We focus on locally sourced materials, minimising transport miles and ensuring supply security
  • Our manufacturing process is highly energy efficient and utilises innovative techniques to ensure quality and minimise waste
  • We make use of renewable energy generation across our operations to minimise our carbon footprint
  • UBC Duophasic COR batteries have already exceeded the EUROBAT targets for 2030, the first battery manufacturer to achieve this standard

We welcome commercial enquiries from defence industry organisations to discuss the application of our technology in your projects.

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UBC exceeded Eurobat 2030 targets in 2021

43% reduction in weight

98% increase in energy density

Eurobat Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030 – Lead Acid Batteries

EUROBAT Parameters 2020 State of the Art 2030 Target UBC 2021
Electrochemical System Cathode PbO2 PbO2 PbO2
Anode Pb, Pb+C Pb, Pb+C Pb, Pb+C
Energy Density (Wh/Kg) Battery 23 – 45 35 – 55 52 – 68
Energy Density (Wh/l) Battery 36 – 100 50 – 110 112 – 139
Power Density (W/Kg) Battery 41 – 400 65 – 450 380 – 410
Power Density (W/l) Battery 76 – 840 72 – 900 820 – 920
Predicted Lifetime (Yr) Calendaric 10 – 25 10 – 25 10 – 25
Operation Temperature Range (oC) -25 – +50 -25 – +50 -40 – +88
Energy Efficiency (%) 67 – 85 >90 85 – 90

EUROBAT = Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers. The purpose of the association is to study all matters of interest to storage battery manufacturers and their sub-contractors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.