Are there 12 volt lithium-ion batteries in production vehicles today?

Li-ion batteries are currently primarily used for propulsion, and there are only a few Li-ion batteries used for SLI (Starting, Lighting and Ignition). This is because Li-ion does not have the cold cranking amps at low temperature (‘grunt’) to turn over an engine and start the vehicle.

Note: Some vehicles have two batteries: lead-acid for SLI and Li-ion for when the vehicle is idling at traffic lights etc, and the engine is stopped. UBC can replace both batteries with one compact, energy-powerful design, saving further weight and space.

UBC will initially be producing Duophasic COR 12V SLI batteries to service the new vehicle SLI market (70+ million per year)  and the new vehicle stop-start market (30+ million per year). In addition, UBC will participate in the 186 million per year replacement used vehicle SLI battery market, by discussing opportunities with selected partner companies.